Unique Holiday With Natural Beauty Palau – Outdoor Tourism For Spring Adventure

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The Outer Reef exhibit, one of the largest in the world, is home to a diverse collection of fairy basslets, angelfish, butterflyfish and wrasses along with an array of hard corals, soft corals, leather corals, gorgonians and many other extraordinary and unique creatures. Finally, the Coral Biology and Coral Cultivation exhibits provide an even closer look at the many varieties of corals found througout Palau. Your journey ends at the Giant Clam and Crocodile Exhibits where you’ll see a variety of giant clams and also a glimpse of Palau’s saltwater crocodiles. Be sure to visit the Giant Clam Gift Shop for a cool drink or ice cream treat. It also offers an assortment of marine related souvenirs, books, artwork and locally made products.

5. Malakal Island (“Ngemelachel” in Palauan) is an island in the state of Koror, Palau.

6. Ngatpang Waterfall
Fancy a dip? Make a beeline for this little jungle waterfall that drops into a broad pool. It’s only a five-minute walk down the main road, but there’s no sign. To get there from Koror, follow the road to the airport and turn left (west) at the T-junction just after the Japan-Palau Friendship Bridge. Follow this road for about 12.5km until you see the rusty remnants of a plane on your right; the path leading to the waterfall is just across the road.

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7. Palau’s Milky Way
Get a Natural Mud Bath in Palau’s Milky Way

While boating in and out of Palau’s 300+ islets in search of the best snorkeling spots, we had found some spectacular sites loaded with colorful fish, gigantic clams, white tip sharks and intricate coral. All pretty much expected from notably one of the world’s best places to scuba dive. But, there was something very unexpected…
The Milky Way, located in the rock islands of this Micronesian country, is known for its therapeutic properties. Locals claim that bathing in the white limestone mud found on the waters floor will make you look ten years younger.

8. Long Beach
Long beach lies between the two rock-island South of Koror. Its about 10 minutes away from Carp Island. Long beach offers a fascinating natural beauty of the white sandy beach and the abundance of magnificent various kinds of seashell, mushroom corals, and hermit crabs. It is the most exclusive site for honeymooners to visit, enjoy and relax on the captivating sea view as they walk in hands on the beach. Long beach will only immerge when the tide is low.

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9. Kayangel

Kayangel lies at the northernmost of Palau. Its 24km (57miles) north of Koror and about one or two hours boat drive from Koror. Its habitat range about a population of 138 and the state consist of three atolls in different states development. It is the most splendid place to dive at. At low tide, you can enjoy its own long beach and the uniqueness of the seashells and mushroom corals washed over the beach shore. You can also visit the bird nest island where eggs are all over the beach. Spectacular Sunrise can be seen on the East of the island as it rises from the horizon. Going to and from Kayangel, you can enjoy the farewell or welcoming escorting of the dolphins as they swim alongside the boat.

10. Swim with dolphins
Look into the eyes of a dolphin as you swim alongside it in the clear, fish-laden waters of Palau. Located just off Koror, the Dolphins Pacific is one of the world’s largest marine mammal interaction, educational and research facilities and offers wonderful opportunities to swim with these magnificent creatures.

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