DIY Tin Can Snowman – Top Easy Christmas Party Interior Decor Design Project

  1. Paint 3 tin cans in white, let them dry.
  2. Decor the face with 2 black button & 1 orange piece as the nose. Several black buttons for the mouth. Hot glue them all to secure. Paint 2 big pink dots for the cheeks. Let it dry.
  3. Use thick brown floral wire to make the arms, hot glue 2 short pieces as the fingers. Drill holes on either side of the middle-sized can for the arms. Stick the arms in through the hole and adjust their length as necessary. Reach inside the can and bend the end of the wire flat against the can. Hot glue it in place.
  4. Add button on 2 other tin cans as the snowman’s coat. Make the scarf with Christmas fabric & embellishments. Hot glue them all to secure.
  5. Cut 1 large circle with black felt & cut out a smaller circle from the inside. Cut 1 rectangle of felt to make the hat’s height. Fold up some printer paper into a ring, and glue the rectangle of felt to the outside. This will help the hat keep its shape. Once you have a ring of felt, glue the top of the hat to the top of the ring, and glue the brim to the bottom.
  6. Hot glue the hat to the snowman’s head. Hot glue head-body of the snowman & done!

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