DIY Peppermint Lotion Bar – Easy Healthy Homemade & Holistic Beauty Project Idea

  1. Begin by measuring the proper amounts of shea butter, beeswax pellets, and coconut oil in your bowl or pot. They can be a bit stubborn and won’t mix well, but this is a good time to get your fingers messy.
  2. Place your double boiler top in the boiling water and wait for the ingredients to melt, stirring occasionally. This part should be supervised carefully by an adult.
  3. Remove from heat and stir in your peppermint essential oils.
  4. Now have an adult pour the melted mixture into the molds. We had one snowflake mold and our muffin wrappers had gone missing, so we filled our snowflakes quite high and only make six large bars. These still would have been lovely filled only half-way. This recipe would make twelve nice-sized muffin shaped lotion bars.
  5. Allow your bars to cool on the counter. Once they are cool you can remove them from the mold.

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