DIY July 4th Firework Pom Pom Centerpiece – Top Patriotic Holiday Craft Design Idea

  1. Make serveral large pom pom
  2. Cover bambo skewers with washi tape, then insert the end of your skewers to the pom pom, set aside.
  3. Cut the pipe cleaners into 4 inches pieces, alternative red, white, blue color, twist the end of them together, then use washi tape to stick the twisted end to the end of another washi-coverd skewer. Then arrange the other ends to make a pipe cleaner firework.
  4. For the curling type of firework, curl them with a pencil.
  5. With your clear vase, put some yarn in side it, alternative red, white, blue.
  6. Now insert all pom pom & firework skewers to your vase & done!

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