Chocolate Halloween Cauldron Treat – Best Cheap Easy Party Snack Food For Kid


  1. Spread melt chocolate onto the cauldron candy mold, making sure it’s thick enough that you can’t see through it. Let it cool completely in the fridge for 20 minutes or in the freezer if you’re using candy melt. Unmold the cauldron.
  2. Set a baking sheet over a burner on your stove and turn on the heat for about 20-60 seconds. Set one half of a chocolate cauldron on the hot pan, allowing the edge to melt just a little. Press that half onto another half and hold the cauldron for a minute until the chocolate begins to stick, set aside to harden.
  3. Hold a round metal cookie cutter using metal tongs over the flame of a gas stove or candle for 5-10 seconds to get it hot. Immediately set it on top of one of the chocolate cauldrons, press down a bit to get it to cut through all the way, to make a hole. Repeat with all cauldrons.
  4. Break 6 Oreo Cookies & mix it with 4 Snack Pack Chocolate Pudding Cups. Spoon into your cauldrons.
  5. Dye 2 Snack Pack Vanilla Pudding Cups with green food coloring, spoon it on top of your filled cauldrons.
  6. Add some green vanilla pudding to ziplog bag, trim off the tip & pipe some dribbles onto the cauldron, then sprinkled on some green non-pareils and added a few candy eyes and bone shaped sprinkles.

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