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DIY Autumn Leaf Bowl – Top Easy Interior Design For Thanksgiving Decor Project

Materials: Craft store leaf garland Mod Podge (matte finish) Foam Brush Balloon Scissors Mixing bowl *Tip: try to find thin, paper-like leaves for your garland. The thinner the leaves, the better they will mold to the shape of your balloon. Also, avoid any plastic-coated leaves. How To: Click on Arrow Button to read full post…


DIY Spray-Paint Flora Silhouette Art – Top Easy Decor Project With Realistic Design

Supplies Paper (typing, card stock, or anything you have handy) Craft and spray (choose any colors you wish!) Brush (one to cover the page, the other for smearing and/or detail work) Dish for paint Leaves (any type will do…you can even use grasses or flowers or anything that’ll lay flat) Spray on adhesive (here’s an…

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