7 Tips to Help You Get Better Deals When Renting a Luxury Car for Your Wedding

 Tips to Help You Get Better Deals When Renting a Luxury Car for Your Wedding

A wedding day is like no other day as it is special. You should create lasting memories in the company of your relatives, friends, and most importantly, your spouse. One thing that will make the day splendid and memorable is the car that the couple will ride in, especially after tying the knot. A luxury car would be a great addition to your wedding glamour. As such, the couple and wedding planners should consider including one in their list of things to have for the day. They can go for hiring one if they do not own one or no close person can offer them a free ride in their high-end car.


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So what tips can help you to get the best and most when renting a luxury car for your big day?

  1.       Settle for the car type

When it comes to bridal cars, you could go for one of the three types of cars: luxury, modern, or vintage or classic. The choice lies with the couple and is influenced by factors like the wedding theme, couple’s taste and preference, as well as their style. For easier choice, the couple should narrow their choice down to the type that appeals to them.


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  1.       The allocated amount of money

Weddings involve lots of expenses, so the budget for various items including the bridal car must be discussed and agreed on. Modern cars are normally affordable while vintage cars tend to be the most costly. Conversely, luxury cars may be expensive with their rental rates depending on the make, model, and other factors.

  1.       Early reservations

Do you want to find that your preferred car is already booked a few days to your wedding day? Well, you then need to make early bookings, just as you do for the reception venue or other services. Vintage cars are especially in high demand for weddings. You need to book your preferred luxury car early to avoid missing the colour that matches your theme or decor or even not getting your preferred make. You can hire different luxury car makes such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Cadillac, and others from Milani Exotic Car Rentals.


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  1.       Overall rental duration

Wedding rentals are typically available for use in the wedding for three or so hours with the time starting to count from the moment the bride is dropped off at the entrance. Any other additional hours attract extra charges. Some companies may have a package for a whole day rental for those couples who want to savour the luxury ride for many hours.


  1.       Renting several cars

Couples may want to hire more than one car from the rental, maybe for uniformity or to make the whole event more beautiful. Such renters should seek the package rate for hiring several cars and even try to negotiate for the best deal possible. Renting many cars may end up yielding bigger discounts.


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  1.       The distance to be covered

While hiring a luxury car for your big day, consider the total distance it may have to cover since this is likely to influence the total rental spending. A majority of hirers may allow up to about 40km for the initial rate and require extra pay for any additional distance covered.


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  1.       The driver of the luxury car

So, will you need the rental to provide a driver or you will you find a friend or a close family to drive you around? Of course, using the company’s driver will mean additional cost, but it could be the better option to be sure the driver knows how to steer the machine properly.


When renting a luxury car for your wedding, you need to weigh things like the type of car you want (luxury, modern, or classic), the budget for the bridal car, making early bookings, and the duration you will have the car. You should also consider the distance the car will cover and if you should hire several cars instead, which could have better discounts. Whether the hirer will provide the driver or you will have a friend or relative drive you is another consideration.


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Your Walking Speed May Determine How Long You Live

Your Walking Speed May Determine How Long You Live

Though death is inevitable one way or another, we all wish to live a long life and experience all that the world has to offer. Many people have gone to extreme measures to have a chance to live longer. Life expectancy in today’s society tends to decrease as a result of new ailments, people’s lifestyles, and changes in the environment. You don’t have to be very rich and pay a lot to increase the chances of living longer. There are ways that can give everyone a chance of having a long life. One way that does not require a lot of work is brisk walking. Scientific studies done on data from a significant number of people suggests that despite your body weight, brisk walking may be vital in increasing your life expectancy. Walking quickly will result in having an overall healthy body compared to slow walking. If you would like to have remarkable physical fitness and increase your chances of living longer, you should consider walking faster next time. Below is how you can change your walking routine to aid you in improving your life expectancy. 


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Change Your Attitude

Most people are capable of doing greater things than they perceive, and what tends to hold them back is the attitude they have towards something. What you choose to believe may be your biggest enemy or game-changer in doing something or achieving a specific goal. To enable you to start walking faster, you need to change your attitude. Most people tend to see themselves as slow walkers, but this is not true. Everyone can walk fast if they decide to. Changing your mindset will play a crucial role in making you walk more quickly each time. 


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Pair Up With Someone Who Walks Fast 

To enable you to get used to walking fast, it would be wise if you pair up with a person who is fast in their walking. It would be more convenient if you choose one of your friends when pairing up. Your friend would provide positive peer pressure and would work as a source of encouragement in achieving your goal. Furthermore, associating with people who are doing what you wish to do one day will improve your chances of success. There are numerous websites that you can use to learn how to achieve your goals, which include your dream body. Why not try here and see what you can accomplish in a short time?

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Build Your Speed Gradually 

You need to understand that things take time to happen, you can not change your walking routine instantly. Since you are used to walking in a specific manner, you should try to build up your speed gradually. You can start by increasing your walking speed in a couple of minutes and then slowly increasing the duration you are walking briskly. As time goes on, you will find that your body is getting used to the walking routine, and you will walk faster for a longer time. The faster you walk, the more calories you will burn, thus increasing your health and resulting in increased life.


Though research shows that brisk walking may help you live longer, it does not entirely guarantee an increase in life expectancy. Instead, you will become more physically active, which increases your health. Slow walking does not mean that you will have a short life expectancy.


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Fun Mimi Shirts With Names – Useful Mother’s Day Gift In A Budget

After having our first baby I watched my mother transform into this wonderful grandmother. She was there all the time for our family and pretty much saw her grandbabies on a daily basis. There was a slight problem though. When you look at her the term grandmother just didn’t fit. We brainstormed and quickly came up with Mimi. In no time at all we had two babies – both girls and they loved their MIMI. 


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When the first mother’s day came around where we had both kids we wanted to get Mimi something special. So we searched and while there were a lot of gifts most of them would sit on a shelf somewhere or only be seen when people came over. Jewelry was a great idea and we had done that before but that seemed to be more of a keepsake. What do you get a proud mimi? We found it. After a lot of thought and tossing around ideas we made a shirt that said proud MIMI and it had both her grandbabies names on there. A mimi shirt with grandkids names. To this day she still wears it and they are 14 and 16 years old. I do believe it is one of her favorite presents. We had gotten it for her for Mother’s Day but now Valentines, Christmas, Mimi’s Birthday are all great times to get your grandmother (mimi) this killer gift idea.  

On these t-shirts  – that are 100% cotton and unisex sized so they are a comfortable fit for everyone – never too tight – you can add up to 10 grand childrens names. This allows them to add a lot and not miss anyone. If you ever want to add another baby – well you’re gonna have to get a new t shirt. 


Valentine’s day seems to always be just around the corner. These take about 3 days to print – yes we custom make them.  So make sure to order early enough. Our shipping is super fast and typically takes about 2-4 business days to arrive after we ship them out. We can ship to anywhere in the USA, Canada and sometimes overseas – contact us for shipping overseas. Within the USA shipping is always free. Our boxes are plain so if you ship directly they never know what they are getting until they actually open the package. Shirtsforacause.net is one of the nation’s leading sites for shirts that are sold to benefit specific charities and causes. Some of these are local and some are national. 


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Choose your color and choose your size. We have sizes that range from small and go up 2x, 3x, and even 4x. Order here and contact us if you have any questions about any of our items. Check out the family apparel section with papa bear, grandma, mama, brother, sister, baby, mimi and we have these in shark and also unicorn. Great for family pictures and photos.


Top 17 Christmas Mantel Decor Designs – Cheap & Easy DIY Home Party Interior Project

These Christmas fireplace mantels are pretty enough to make you wish you had one in every room of your home. Save these creative Christmas mantels for later!


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… while you surf so that you never forget that neat shirt you wanted, or that amazing idea you just saw. Get started today! See More. 4. Dining room design. Save



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Decorate fireplace mantels that last beyond the holidays by focusing on traditional winter colors, flowers and motifs on HGTV.com.



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$35.00. HeartwoodCreativeCo. Favorite Favorited. Add to Added. O come let us adore Him Sign~ Christmas Sign~ Christmas Decor ~ Holiday Decor ~ Mini Sign.



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What’s your dream Christmas house? I’ve spent a lot of time, money and effort creating the Scandinavian-style home I always wanted. That said, as much as I …



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Shop outside the big box, with unique items for o holy night banner from thousands of independent designers and vintage collectors on Etsy.



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Find and save ideas about Farmhouse Fireplace on Pinterest, the world’s catalog of ideas. | See more about Farmhouse Fireplace Mantels, Fireplaces and River …



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